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Bosello HT is located in Lombardy (northern Italy). It was founded in 1962 by President Aldo Bosello and operates from years 80 in the field of NDT (non-destructive testing), specifically in industrial radioscopy. Currently, with its staff of about 80 employees, it’s located in Cassano Magnago, in the province of Varese, is currently among the world leaders in the field.
Thanks to the know-how acquired, an efficient organizational structure and the high professional level of its human resources the Bosello HT ensures products with a high level of technology and highly efficient support services.
The Bosello HT produces radioscopic industrial plants, namely acts to control product quality through X-Ray, which find their application in various sectors: automotive, aerospace, food.
Produces also high-voltage generators, which are also appreciated in medical and security.

The product is designed and manufactured in the offices of Bosello HT, from mechanics to complex specific imaging software using the most advanced technology available.
Thanks to the efficient network of sales representatives and support, the Bosello HT is present today in almost all European countries and in non-European countries most industrialized nations: United States, Mexico, South Africa, Russia, China, Taiwan, Korea, India, Japan, etc.