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Project Description

Bosello High Technology developed a Digital Detector Array performance evaluator software, to ensure the image quality satisfying the strictest regulations, thought specifically for the Aerospace application. Trough various tools, it is possible to measure and determinate baseline performance and to track the long term stability of the DDA system.

Main test integrated

  • Spatial resolution tests
  • Contrast sensitivity thin / thick
  • Signal noise ratio / Signal level PR5250, SNR thin / SL E2737, SNR thick / SL E2737
  • Image lag
  • Burn in
  • Offset level
  • Bad pixel
  • Grid bad pixel
  • Sensor homogeneity
  • Deformation
  • Dynamic
  • Contrast noise ratio
  • Homogeneity
  • Focal Spot
  • Focal spot EN 12543-5
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