Project Description

Visual Faris System (ADR)

Visual FARIS (Fully Automatic Radioscopic System) is a proprietary software totally designed and developed by Bosello High Technology.
It can be customized to comply with specific user acceptability standards, and enables fully automatic X-ray inspection for different kinds of castings.
Users can operate and easily use all its features after a short training course; stand-alone or remote-controlled workstations are available.
For each view of the casting to be inspected, FARIS system creates a “Sample”. Each Sample must be programmed before automatic inspection.
Samples can be programmed off-line on a Visual FARIS stand-alone station, without stopping production.

Main features

  • Regions of Interest (RoI) creation
  • Automatic association between RoI and acceptability standards
  • Proprietary defects search engines
  • Remove aliasing features
  • Defects statistics information database
  • Image enhancements and analysis with specific designed imaging tools
  • Defects simulations built-in ASTM standards based
  • Real-time production monitoring and management
  • Self-diagnostic features and calibration tools
Aviation Application
Foundry Application
Automotive Application
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