Project Description

X-Ray shielded cabinet complies with Italian regulation (DPR 257/2001) and the strictest international regulations for fully shielded radiation devices. The cabinet is completely self-contained. Manufactured in steel with complete lead shielding.

  • Equipped with 160kV X-Ray sources from
  • Equipped with Digital Flat Panel Detector (different models available).
  • Maximum idle time between the inspection of 2 wheels of 2,5 seconds.
  • Automatic gripping system and chain conveyor belt with automatic centring device.
  • 4 pneumatic sliding door for fast loading/offloading.
  • System suitable for wheels from 4J x 13″ up to 11J x 26″
  • Blinking X-ray on warning lights interlaced with light fail circuit.
Automotive Application
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